Whipped Soap Sugar Scrubs choose your scent

Whipped Soap Sugar Scrubs choose your scent

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Whipped Soap Sugar Scrubs 

These are a soap and scrub all in one. Made from scratch and we add sugar to our homemade whipped soap base and this provides the perfect scrubby texture. We have been tweaking our recipe for months now to make this better and better. To use, get some from jar and add water or add to a shower puff and scrub and rinse.  4 oz size 
ingredients: SCI, distilled water, vegetable glycerin, stearic acid, cocoamidopropyl betaine, optiphen, sugar, mica, fragrance, glycerin soap, bio glitter 

passionate kisses-raspberry, peach, coconut and musk 

Shea and tea cakes-tea and cakes, almond cream, Shea and coconut 

aloe Vera cucumber-crisp cucumber and citrus 

Pink Sugar-cotton candy, caramel, lemon drops, raspberries and light musk.

pistachio macaron-warm buttery cookies, sugared pistachio