Vampire Siren Lip Mask/Treatment and Tombstone Lip Scrub Bar Combo

Vampire Siren Lip Mask/Treatment and Tombstone Lip Scrub Bar Combo

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Your lips are definitely in for a treat with this Vampire Siren Lip Mask/Treatment Combo which includes a Tombstone Lip Scrub Bar made with activated charcoal. Flavored in Passionfruit with a dash of peppermint essential oil for that tingling feel! Also gives lips a quick shine (light pink)!Comes in a coffin box gift box while supplies last for Halloween! **Please note coffin boxes will be random. 

To use lip mask/treatment-use finger and compress into balm it will get softer with body temperature. Spread on lips. Put on before bed to wake up having lips feel rejuvenated. It can also be used any time your lips need a little extra TLC! 

To use Tombstone Lip Scrub Bar-Use scrubby side on lips to remove dead skin. Use smooth side for a balm. Bar can be broke in half to use easier. This bar can also be used on rough spots on hands and elbows! Made with activated charcoal! 

Ingredients lip mask/treatment: beeswax, candellia wax, lanolin, rice bran oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, Shea butter, hilurlip, vitamin e oil, flavor oil, sweetener, peppermint essential oil, mica 

ingredients lip scrub bar: beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, vitamin e oil, peppermint essential oil, flavor oil, sugar, activated charcoal