Unicorn Wishes Soap-Rainbow Sherbet

Unicorn Wishes Soap

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Unicorn Wishes Soap 

Fantasy awaits! Magical Unicorn soap will make you smile and you'll enjoy using it or giving as a gift. This magical soap can be scented in any of the scents available. Please read for scent descriptions. The Unicorn embedded in the soap is soap and is made with a goats milk soap base and the rest of the soap is made with a organic glycerine/honey base.


Palm oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, glycerine, honey, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oelate and oat protein, goats milk soap base, organic clear glycerine base, lab color, mica, fragrance

Rainbow Sherbet- Lime, Orange, Raspberry and Vanilla

Black Raspberry Vanilla 

cherry Citrus-Cherry and orange! Like Candy! 

Unicorn Scent-magical scent of cantaloupe, watermelon and raspberry! 

Lime in Da Coconut- Coconut with lime 

Gingered Peach-Juicy Peaches and Fresh Ginger 

Mermaid Skin-Sea Salt, Ocean Air and floral


Net weight 4.5-5oz

*Handmade soaps last longer if kept dry between uses. These are handmade, size and color may vary.

*Soaps may discolor due to vanilla content in fragrance

*Any skin allergies please test before using


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