Sunshine Turmeric Salt Scrub Orange Bliss

Sunshine Turmeric Salt Scrub Orange Bliss

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Sunshine Turmeric Salt Scrub

This brightening and refreshing Sea Salt Scrub is scented in our Orange Bliss Blend with Orange Essential Oil. This is made using our handmade Whipped Soap Base then we add sea salt, Dead Sea salt, jojoba beads and aloe extract, coconut oil, turmeric, avocado oil. These have just the right texture to add to body and face. Turmeric is often used in face masks and is a brightening agent and great for skincare! 

To use: grab some from jar, add water and make a lather. Rub on face or body and rinse. Should not stain wash cloths.  Makes face and body smooth. 

ingredients listed on jar 4oz size