Shower Steamers 4 Pack

Shower Steamers 4 Pack

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Shower Steamers 4 pack 

NEW! Shower Steamers are great if you are not a bath person and these are also made with 100% therapeutic essential oils. Simply place steamer on shower floor away from direct stream of water and the steam from the shower will release the essential oils 

Wake up Sunshine-Lemongrass, bergamot and menthol 

Artic Blast-Peppermint and Menthol (Great if you are under the weather and need a pick me up) 

Relax and Sleep-Lavender and Chamomile

ingredients: citric acid, baking soda, cream of tartar, sweet almond oil, sea salt, kaolin clay, menthol crystals, essential oils, lakes 

*Due to the high grade usage of essential oils and menthol crystals, do not use in bath!