No Drama Llama Bath Bomb Bag

No Drama Llama Bath Bomb Bag

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Bath Bomb Dust Bag-No Drama Llama 

Introducing Bath Bomb Dust Bags! It’s a bath bomb in a bag and good for multiple baths! Just sprinkle desired amount into bath and enjoy a nice relaxing soak and bath art! Great for bath cocktails! Who needs no drama? This one is promised to bring No Drama to your bath and scented in Watermelon Taffy. Watermelon,  lime, lemon, and bergamot; followed by middle notes of marigold, sweet, juicy melon; with base notes of white musk and vanilla.  



citric acid, baking soda, tapioca starch, SLSA, epsom salts, cream of tartar, milk powder, kaolin clay, polysorbate 80, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, witch hazel, castor oil, glycerine, lakes, dyes  fragrance

To use: Sprinkle into bath desired amount of product and good for multiple baths or bath cocktails! 

Use caution exiting tub, it may be slippery after bath. Bath may require extra rinsing with darker color bath bombs or bags!