Mermaid Lagoon Sea Sponge Soap

Mermaid Lagoon Sea Sponge Soap

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Mermaid Lagoon Sea Sponge Soap

A best seller! Sea Sponge embedded in the soap and raised just enough for scrubby action! Scented with Mermaid Lagoon, a blend of sea salt, ocean mist and feminine floral. This is made using a goats milk soap base.

Ever wondered how your bath sponge doesn't quite lather when using a bar of soap?

All my sponges are unique so no two will look exactly alike. My sponges are purchased through great soap quality suppliers!

Size: 3-4oz


Propylene glycol, sorbitol, water, sodium stearate, sodium laurate, glycerin, goats milk, titanium dioxide, castor oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance, vanilla stabilizer and calendula petals.

How to use:

This is perfect for rubbing the bar of soap on one side and using the sea sponge on the other! This sea sponge is great texture and not too abrasive. These sponges can last a long time even when the soap is gone. It's great for scrubbing away dead skin cells.