Mermaid Lagoon Foaming Bath Salt Soak

Mermaid Lagoon Foaming Bath Salt Soak

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Mermaid Lagoon Foaming Bath Salt Soak 

Let your bath tub be transformed into a mermaid lagoon. A mesmerizing scent of sea salt, ocean mist and feminine floral.

Size: 16oz


Epsom salts, Himalayan sea salts, goats milk/coconut milk, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, oatmeal, blue lake 1, mica,fragrance

How to use:

To use the foaming/bubble bath salt soak, take a small amount with a spoon(not included) or just sprinkle in your tub desired amount under running bath water or anywhere in your tub for a nice long soak! Epsom salts help tired muscles along with pink Himalayan salts. Coconut milk/goats milk and cocoa butter make skin soft!