Lip Scrub Sampler

Lip Scrub Sampler

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Lip Scrub Sampler 

**Please note! Due to product inventory you will only receive (3) lip scrub samplers.
Love lip balms? Introducing our NEW lip scrub samplers! Perfect way to try out our lip scrubs and flavors! 3 gram/3 ml of product. You will get (3) variety of flavors!! Comes in a mesh bag, perfect for a gift!! Do you need a little something more for your dry cracked lips especially this time of year? This is a perfect combo of a lip balm/lip scrub all in one. I use rice bran oil which is a substitute for lanolin and gives lips a nice glossy feel not to mention how wonderful rice bran is for your skin. I also use refined Shea butter and a combination of skin loving butters. Your lips will soft and silky and moisturized after using my lip scrub. They will be glossy! Comes in a 1 oz reusable container with a small spoon. I fill this to the rim so you are actually really getting more than 1 oz! This will last for many uses. A little goes a long way! This will make your lips more kissable for sure and it tastes good!


Cupcake-Smells just like Buttercream! It’s fantastic! 

Butter Biscuit - Velvety vanilla, sweet maple, and rich butter mingle with a hint of nutmeg, ginger  

Macaroon-vanilla cake! Smells delicious! 

fruit Gum-Just like the gum Juicy Fruit! 

how to  use it:

take a small amount with clean finger or spoon and rub on lips in a circular motion. Rub lips together. Lick off or rinse off and you are left with a lip balm finish. Use daily or as needed. It also works well before wearing lipstick.
***Please note: these have a thicker consistency because I add beeswax to them for a 2 in 1 product your lips will love!


organic natural sugar cane, beeswax, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, vitamin e oil, Shea Butter, mica, sweetener, sweetened flavor oil

***Please test first if you have skin allergies. Not everyone has the same time of skin. If skin irritation occurs discontinue use.

***Please do not leave this out in the hot sun or direct heat. Lip balms/scrubs can melt. They will re solidify just place in a cool environment or in the fridge. Please enjoy this special treat for your lips within 6 months even though it should last up to a year.

TIP: If you prefer your lip scrub a little softer, you can heat in a microwave for 5-10 second intervels.