Dry Face Masks
Dry Face Masks
Dry Face Masks

Dry Face Masks

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Dry Face Masks 

Introducing our new Dry Face Masks! They come dry until mixed and helps preserve them longer being dry! Gelatin powder is added to enhance your experience! You can use cold water for a less intense mask and hot water for a more intense mask and these double as cleansing grains! You should be able to get plenty of masks out of this bag depending on how much you use. Pick from 3! Honey Bunny , Charcoal  or Chocolate Milk

1.3 oz 

To use: use a spoonful size amount and add water slowly until you make a paste. Allow to face evenly. Leave for for 3-5 minutes and rinse! 

For a more intense mask: use hot water and make a paste and leave on 3-5 minutes or longer. Scrub off face. Follow up with toner or moisturizer. These double as cleansing grains. Any leftover mask should be thrown out! 

Honey Bunny- kaolin clay, carrot powder, honey powder, marshmallow root, lemon peel powder nice smell from lemon peel powder 

carrot powder and honey powder tones skin, improves circulation and free unwanted dirt and dead skin cells. Lemon peel helps prevent breakouts

Chocolate Milk-cacao powder, cocoa powder, Fullers Earth Clay, milk powder 

chocolate is a antioxidant milk powder helps skin hydration

Charcoal-activated Charcoal, Sea Clay, Marshmallow Root and Fullers Earth Clay 

Banana Shake-NEW! Organic Banana Powder, goats milk powder, kaolin clay, fullers earth clay 

charcoal and Sea Clay ultimate skin detox and helps acne breakouts 

*Please note use a dark colored wash cloth when using this mask!